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We just love ice cream!

My name is Ziggy and I'm an ice cream aficionado. My heart broke when I moved to Tenerife and realized that nobody even knew anything beyond a traditional dairy-based gelato. Sadness and disappointment were quickly replaced by excitement as I realized that I had a perfect niche right in front of my eyes. I could start a business and bring the wonder of all-natural ice lollies to Canarian locals and visitors!

That's exactly what I did and after months and months of preparation and careful recipe development, ZiggyPop opened its door on December 2 of 2016.

My goal from the first day has been to use all-natural, real food ingredients, organically-sourced whenever possible. I believe in food that tastes good but also respects and nourishes your body at the same time. Most of our fruit is sourced from local farmers. Some aromatic herbs even come from my own balcony. All of the ice lollies are made by hand with plenty of love and attention in our own kitchen.

A lot of the flavors are inspired by my travels through Mexico, South America and Asia, so if you like exotic flavor combinations, you'll definitely find something intriguing here. But if you're more of a classic boy or gal, you'll find lots to choose from, too.

Visit ZiggyPop today, choose a flavor that speaks to you, and allow yourself to slow down, close your eyes, and get lost in the explosion of fantastic whole-food flavours while basking in the warmth of the Canarian sun. 


First trace of this type of frozen treats came back in time from Mexico, where the snow was collected on top of the volcanoes and carried down for use to refrigerate things like medicine and food.

Soon people realized that they could combine that snow with sweet fresh fruits to make delicious frozen deserts.


Edificio EVA, Local 7

Puerto de Santiago


Google maps: ziggy pop


Tel: 602-500-759



Monday-Friday - 10AM-6PM

Saturday - 11AM-6PM

Sunday - CLOSED

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